What is it like in Summer? The average temperature in Iceland in summer is around 9-13°C. Wow, that sounds cold? Yes, but let the Icelandic surprise you by how warm it could be during your summer visit. It´s recommended to bring over some warm clothing during your trip, such as; a wind-waterproof jacket, hat and gloves but do not need to get carried away. You can also leave some space for your fancy outfits in case of good weather for fabulous photo-shooting. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes so you do not miss exploring the stunning sites only accessible during summer. July and August are the warmest months of the year. I will not forget to mention that the summer season offers a natural phenomenon called “The Midnight Sun” which lasts for almost the whole summer. 

What is like in Winter? Located not far from the Arctic circle, Icelandic winter in theory should be “extremely cold”. But the fun fact shows due the North Atlantic Current that carries Gulf Stream warm water north as well the warm stream from the Mediterranean sea, the Icelandic winter is surprisingly warmer and milder than most places of similar latitude in the world. This is one of the reasons why Iceland has become one of the most popular destinations for the “Aurora/Northern Lights Tour”.

Here is to summarize the Icelandic Seasons: